At Sutton Grange, we work hard to create expressive, individual wines that capture our region’s unique sites, soils and surroundings. If you’ve enjoyed our wines in the past, you’re probably aware that we produce two different ranges: the Estate wines, and the Fairbank range. While both offerings are classical in style and present the same commitment to careful and considered winemakers, there are some differences in our approach to these two ranges.

Let’s start with the Estate wines. Only made with estate-grown fruit in quality vintages, these are the wines that best express the nuance of the Sutton Grange site.The series presents outstanding Central Victorian wines, including a collection of lesser known varieties and allows our portfolio to reflect our motto to ‘Stand Alone’. From our alternative Aglianico to our multi-award-winning Syrah, these are serious wines that reward decanting and considered consumption. 

Sense of place lies at the heart of our winegrowing and is key to our signature style. Ideally, we would always work exclusively with estate-grown fruit. However, since grapes are seasonal and vineyards are subject to vintage variation at the hands of Mother Nature, this isn’t always possible. This is where the Fairbank range comes in. 

Named for the property’s original 1800s name, the Fairbank wines are almost always made from 100% estate-grown fruit, but in especially difficult years can be produced using purchased fruit. Compared with the Estate wines, the Fairbank range aims to capture a particular style that allows for more flexibility and playfulness. One example is our Fairbank rosé, which has been acclaimed for its experimentation with different varieties like syrah, sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon. Suitable for any day of the week, these wines are fresh, vibrant and accessible while still offering a serious, contemplative drinking experience. 

Regardless of whether you're enjoying our more traditional Estate wines or the more playful expressions from our Fairbank range, you can rest assured that our dedication to producing the best wines possible remains consistent.

September 07, 2022 — Brunch Agency