Words by Annabelle Cloros Hospitality Magazine 21.6.2018

The Young Gun of Wine winners have been announced after the awards ceremony was held at MONA in Hobart.

Now in its 12th year, the program revolves around celebrating young winemakers and new labels.

The Riedel Young Gun of Wine award for 2018 went to Rob Mack from Aphelion in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

People’s Choice was awarded to Melanie Chester from Sutton Grange Winery in Bendigo, Victoria, after two tasting events in Melbourne and Sydney.

“It looks like the keyword from 2018 is ‘approachability’,” says Rory Kent, founder of Young Gun of Wine.

“Winemakers are breaking ground with new varieties, and exploring new techniques, all in the search of more delicious wines made from our climate and for our palates.”

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